Global Risk Management GmbH

Helping you manage your Emergency & Crisis Management, operational HSEQ, security, social and sustainability risks, with realistic, globally experienced best practice solutions.


Emergency & Crisis Management

‘Go Big Early’

No one regretted having the confidence to ‘Go Big Early’ during an incident.

Having the confidence to ‘Go Big Early’ is something to learn, practice and master. Most importantly, having that confidence requires a robust, effective and flexible incident management system behind the Incident Management Team.

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Safety 2.0 / Safety Differently

Do you know that if you work for a company that has Zero Harm as a goal, you are statistically more likely to die on the job than someone who works for a company without this type of goal?

Sounds wrong? Sounds counter intuitive?

It is counter intuitive, but correct.

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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Trusted, Targeted and Transparent – 3 Core values of good Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) practice.

Whether you are producing in Europe or an emerging market, whether you are selling a final product or supplying a raw product, whether you are relying on finance or are self financed, if you are a company that projects an image of being green and socially responsible, these three words are critical to your brand.

Failure to conduct ESG correctly, can easily be interpreted as green washing.

Talk to us about how we can help you develop your ESG concept so that it is authentic, delivers positive outcomes and adds true value to your business.

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We’re trying hard to help our customers make HSEQ less bureaucratic and more outcomes focused. HSEQ should be seen as being able to be a part of long term value creation, not a cost.

Understanding how you can make some simple changes can reap rewards.

We work with our customers to improve their HSEQ systems to meet Best Practice standards, leading to more profitable, more sustainable, and more resilient companies, benefiting their communities.

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New Country and Emerging Market Entry

Entering a New Country and Market is not Easy.

Having support from a experienced team in HSEQ Due Diligence for entering and navigating challenging markets can reduce your risks and leave your team to focus on what you’re are good at.

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Mergers & Acquisitions - HSEQ Due Diligence

Informed Decisions Reduce Risk

Good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice increases the need for strategic, prioritised and targeted HSEQ Due Diligence. Without it, you can’t assure your Decision Makers, Shareholders and Lending Institutes, that they are investing in defensible Sustainable and Ethical Assets.

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Why GRM?

We Are Different

We aim to be different. Our Business model is different.

We offer cost effective scalability and flexibility.

Global Risk Management’s aim is to support our customers manage their operational, safety, security, social and sustainability risks as well as conduct their emergency management with realistic, globally experienced best practice solutions.

We are good at what we do and only do what we are good at. We only do what we are passionate about.

We offer our clients best practice solutions which are tailored to their needs, budget and most importantly their philosophy.

We Are Agile, Flexible & Cost Effective

Our business model is designed to offer you better value for your money.

Our business model is designed to have minimal overheads in comparison to a typical large consultancy with it’s profit expectations, back office staff costs, CBD offices etc. Therefore, our rates reflect this difference. We are not suggesting large consultancies don’t have their place, we just believe we can offer better value for money in the market we target.

Global Risk Management is a team of consultants, each with a speciality, each a different background, each with a unique perspective. We challenge traditional approaches to try to deliver extra value for you.We have a network of contacts that can support us if we need more resources to help you. We don’t include someone on a project because they are already employed and awaiting an assignment.

We only offer services we are experts in. We only offer you experts.

We won’t offer you services based on senior partners experience who will only ‘supervise’ and then put junior staff on your tasks.

What you see is what you get.

We won’t offer you the world, we offer you only our world.

We Are Global

Global Risk Management operates globally. Our team members are global based in Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Australasia. Where needed, we integrate local experts as partners, to benefit from, and promote, local content as well as deliver our clients the best value possible.

We’ve been working remotely since before COVID. In 2018, we project managed a project together, with team members in 3 different time zones. Working around the clock/globe, we completed an urgent project in 6 weeks and obtained regulatory approval on time. This project would normally be done in 4-6 months.

Our team members have created success for projects in Europe, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, North Africa, the Middle East, North/Central/South America and Australasia.

We Are Diverse

We bring you our diversity.

We bring you our experience working with diverse cultures around the world and offer specialist skills when you want to collaborate with indigenous and local communities that your project or business may interact with.

We Are Independent, Neutral and Honest

When we give you our advice, conduct an audit, or conduct a risk assessment, we will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear (unless it’s also what you need to hear).

Unlike larger consultancies, we only offer a limited number of services and we are not interested in selling a particular predefined range of solutions or try to add on extras. We tailor our delivery to what is your need.

Having an independent, neutral and honest advisor adds critical value to good Environmental, Social and Governance practice.