Emergency & Crisis Management

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No one regretted having the confidence to ‘Go Big Early’

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Emergency & Crisis Management
What We Offer

Global Risk Management offers our customers experienced emergency management support, including:

  • Best Practice Emergency/Crisis Management System and Organisation Structure Advice and Implementation
  • Emergency/Crisis Training
  • Emergency/Crisis Exercise Planning and Execution
  • Incident Command Centre Specifications
  • Incident Management Software and Alarm/Notification Systems Advice and Implementation
  • Risk identification and quantification to help ensure your system is fit for purpose.
  • Gap Analysis Audits
  • Incident Reviews
  • Incident Management Team Coaching/Support during an Incident. On-site or remote.

Our Experience

Global Risk Management has extensive planning and operational emergency management experience in:

  • Oil Spill Response – Marine and Inland
  • HAZMAT Incidents
    • Fires
    • Spills
    • Gas Release
  • Natural hazards
    • Pandemics
    • Flooding
    • Earthquakes
    • Volcanic eruptions
    • Tsunami
    • Drought
  • Shipping Incidents
  • Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Security of Assets and Personnel in high-risk countries
  • Hibernation and Evacuation Planning.

Is Your Emergency & Crisis Management System Based on Best Practice?

Good Practice Emergency Management, Incident Management, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Planning, whatever you call it, this is Global Risk Management’s passion.

Are your Emergency Management Systems and Processes developed in house? Mirroring your industry, in your country? Mirroring your corporate head offices ‘normal’ for the country it is based in? Based largely and/or solely on ISO Norms?

If you answer yes to one of these questions, then it’s probably that your Emergency Management Systems and Processes aren’t protecting your company and staff as best as they could.

Our experience shows that an incident response is more likely to be successful if you bring best practice systems to your response.

We have however, experience across a range of incident management systems, and are happy to work with you no matter what system you use.

Bespoke Simplified Incident Command System (ICS) courses

We believe in the Incident Command System (ICS). It is the Gold Standard of Emergency and Crisis Management Systems. But since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, ICS has become more standardised, more complicated and has been expanded somewhat dramatically to fit incidents managed on a governmental level.

Therefore we offer bespoke Simplified Incident Command System courses.

What is the Incident Command System (ICS)?

The Gold Standard of civilian, non-military emergency management systems, is known as the Incident Command System (ICS) or the Incident Management System (IMS) (depending on what part of the world you are speaking with).

ICS is an emergency and crisis management concept/system which is scalable, flexible and robust enough that it can be effectively used in all sizes of emergency incidents, from two person responses, to responses involving thousands of people over multiple sites. ICS is not industry specific, and has been proven suitable for all types of emergencies.

Let’s learn to ‘Go Big Early’ together.

“One thing that makes it possible to be an optimist is if you have a contingency plan for when all hell breaks loose.”

— Randy Pausch