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HSEQ – What We Offer

HSEQ Concepts, Systems & Project Management

Limited HSEQ resources? Lacking HSEQ Expertise? We can help.

  • Not sure your HSEQ system is optimised? Do you want to review your approach to the whole or a part of your HSEQ system?
  • Do you need to upgrade or introduce some new HSEQ / Risk Management software to improve workflows, improve efficiency and reduce administration? Do you want to transform your systems to be proactive instead of reactive?
  • Are you interested to see how other industries tackle similar problems that you are facing?
  • Are you interested in developing overall Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) processes into your business?

We’ve got project management experience across most industries, enabling us to bring solutions from other industries to your industry.

Employee HSEQ Satisfaction Surveys

  • Find out how useful your HSEQ systems are perceived (internal & external),
  • What can be improved, what should be continued.
  • These can be conducted online, anonymously using audited third party environments, and as required, with results aggregated by department, but never less than 5 or 10 people to maintain anonymity.

Risk Assessments

  • Do you need help set up a Corporate or Project Risk Management concept?
  • Risk Management Software Defining and Procurement
  • Security – Country Entry
  • Assets
  • HSEQ Concepts
  • Operations


  • Safety 2.0 / Safety Differently (see our Page on this topic).
  • Safety Audits


  • Social Impact Assessments
  • Ethical Corporate Social Engagement Programs


  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Baseline Studies
  • Contaminated Site Management and Remediation
  • Supporting site design process to reduce pollution risk
  • Environmental Audits
  • Oil Spill Response Planning

Our HSEQ Values

We’re trying hard to help our customers make HSEQ less bureaucratic and more outcomes focused. HSEQ should be seen as being able to be a part of long term value creation, not a cost. Understanding how you can make some simple changes can reap rewards.

In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in companies moving from compliance based HSEQ, to a new performance based or Environmental, Social and Governance ‘ESG’ evidence based, HSEQ approaches.

Since COVID, where it has been shown companies with good ESG systems in place, were impacted less in comparison to those that don’t have ‘good ESG’ systems in place, this interest has increased even more.

Unfortunately, too many companies are jumping on the band wagon because it is trendy and good for their brand, without understanding exactly what they are saying to their stakeholders and only implementing the changes on a superficial level. All too often, once the good internal and external publicity has passed, so too does the energy for the HSEQ campaign.

Implementing a new HSEQ ESG system poorly can lead to, at best, lost opportunities, and at worst, an increase in accidents, disengaged staff and brand damage.

We work with our customers to improve their HSEQ systems to meet Best Practice standards, leading to more profitable, more sustainable, and more resilient companies, benefiting their communities.

Something We Are Quite Proud Of….

In 2018, three of Global Risk Management’s team were involved in a project where the Project Owner misunderstood the timelines and deadlines requirements relating to obtaining the regulatory approval for the company to take over the operations of an existing Oil & Gas field and processing plant.

It was initially estimated that it would take between 4-6 months to develop a suitable HSEQ Management System for the facility, starting from nearly zero. 6 weeks before taking over the asset, the Project Owner clarified their understanding of the requirements.

If the permit to operate was not obtained before the day ownership of the asset was handed over to the new company, legally the field and facilities are be required to shut down.

At this point, we took over the project management and development of an entire HSEQ Management System. Two languages, low levels of suitable documentation from the previous asset owner and 6 weeks before a legal deadline.

Six weeks later, after working around the clock in different time zones, handing work from one team member to the next, from one side of the world to the other, the Management System was submitted for approval. The Project Owner receive the permit to operate.

Let’s make positive HSEQ outcomes together.

“Without changing our patterns of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems that we created with our current patterns of thought.”

— Albert Einstein