Investing in Sustainable and Ethical Businesses

Informed Decisions Reduce Risk

Good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice increases the need for strategic, prioritised and targeted M&A HSEQ Due Diligence. Without it, you can’t assure your Decision Makers, Shareholders and Lending Institutes, that they are investing in defensible Sustainable and Ethical Assets.


Identifying Risks and Opportunities Through Good QHSE / Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice

It is no longer acceptable to stakeholders who expect good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments, to brush over HSEQ issues quickly as is often the case. Checking that all permits are held, with no major regulatory findings and no outstanding enforcement matters isn’t enough.

Even in developed countries, environmental and safety regulations are minimum standards, and offer little assurance as to whether an investment meets good ESG practice.

Additionally, national regulations rarely address social, human rights, worker rights and true sustainability matters, in a way that can give a potential buyer confidence that there are no ESG issues.

Time is often short, so good M&A HSEQ Due Diligence requires experienced practitioners to be conducted in a strategic, prioritised and targeted assessment.

The ‘gut instinct’ developed from previous due diligence assessment experience, combined with operational, regulatory and audit experience, helps us know what is being said, as well as what is not being said, where we should dig further, and where we don’t need to keep digging.

We offer our clients sound robust M&A HSSSEQ Due Diligence covering the full spectrum:

  • Quality and Management Systems
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Social, and
  • Environmental

Social Governance – Where We Excel

Global Risk Management is passionate about addressing social matters which cut across the topics Health, Safety, Security and Environment. This is a critical part of best practice M&A HSEQ Due Diligence. Understanding how your potential investment can be impacted by, or impact your community, is an important part of ESG.

We believe by properly identifying indigenous and vulnerable communities early in the process and assess how the current owner has interacted and worked with these communities, you can turn potential risks into opportunities.

Having a strategy based on a high-level understanding of the community’s beliefs, values and customs is one thing. Having the understanding and experience to connect at a deeper level to build trust is another.

This is where we stand out.

One Size Does Not Fit All

This is what we have learnt engaging with indigenous and vulnerable communities in Australasia, Canada, Central America, South America, Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. Failure to engage a community in a way that fits who they are, not who you are, will result in a relationship that doesn’t meet either of your needs and expectations. M&A HSEQ Due Diligence, now requires people who truly understand what it means to be indigenous and vulnerable communities, and experience to know what that means to your business.

Indigenous and Vulnerable Community Cultural Training
for M&A and Country Entry staff

If you have your own M&A HSEQ team, maybe you want to consider some cultural training.

We are not offering corporate diversity and cultural training, that is something quite different. We offer face to face or online workshops to help understand how to engage successfully with indigenous and vulnerable communities. You’ll learn:

  • How to define an indigenous or vulnerable community
  • How to correctly identify if you have indigenous or vulnerable communities in your area of interest (many people have incorrect assumptions or perceptions to decide)
  • What rights these communities have under national and international laws and treaties
  • How these are often poorly integrated into business plans
  • What ESG and other good practice guidance require
  • How to connect with these communities to build genuine trust
  • How to prevent your assumptions, values and beliefs from over influencing your interactions.

Having run these types of workshops with very experienced M&A teams, the attendees have all taken something new and useful away with them.

See our Page New Country and Emerging Market Entry with similar topics.

Conflicts of Interest

Talk to us about the advantages of engaging independent advisors during M&A HSEQ Due Diligence, instead of larger Consultancies who do Engineering, Certification and QHSE.

Let’s work on Sustainable and Ethical Assets together.

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.”

— Mahatma Gandhi